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What If There Is an Easier Way to Plan Your Wedding?

Introducing the most
EASY-TO-USE digital wedding planner
that keeps you organized along the way... and saves you a lot of stress!

Introducing the most EASY-TO-USE digital wedding planner that keeps you organized along the way... and saves you a lot of stress!

Get The #1 Personal Wedding Planner

Track Every Expense to Avoid Going Overbudget

Simplify your wedding budget thanks to this super user-friendly spreadsheet.

The special features included in this planner make it easy for you to track all your expenses and avoid any surprise.

It keeps stress out of your wedding planning.

Everything is Already Laid Out for You

Start to finish, we’ve got you covered. With our step-by-step checklist, you won't miss any detail.

With every aspect of the wedding already covered, you get one less thing to worry about.

Know exactly what to do before & after the wedding.

Get The #1 Personal Wedding Planner

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Easy-to-use, even if You’ve Never Used a Spreadsheet Before

You can save time, reduce stress, and keep all your thoughts organized in one safe place.

With an intuitive design and clear instructions on each page, our spreadsheet is all about simplicity.

Download your planner, fill in your wedding info, and enjoy every moment!

And... Yes...

It Will Adapt to Your Wedding Needs

Dreaming of a classic wedding or wanting something totally unique? No worries, our planner adapts to fit your vision, be it traditional or out-of-the-box.

You can add your very own expenses and to-do lists to be sure it reflects your and your partner's style.

No more struggling with "one-size-fits-all" wedding planners.

Get The #1 Personal Wedding Planner

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Ready for a Stress-Free Wedding Planning?


  • Spend more than you can
  • Waste tons of hours
  • Feeling disorganized
  • Risk to miss something BIG
  • Hire an expensive wedding planner


  • Keep all expenses under control
  • Get every detail already covered
  • Save time and money
  • Enjoy every step of your engagement
  • Feel proud to live your special day!


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After the checkout you will instantly receive an email with simple instructions you just have to follow.

You will also receive a PDF which contains the necessary link to access your very own Google spreadsheet planner.

Click on it and you're ready to go!

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3° Year Anniversary Sale!

60% OFF + FREE Special Gift (today only)!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Amril D'Souza
Wedding Planning

Wedding planning isn’t easy but this excel spreadsheet helps me keep track of everything. My wedding is happening in India and Sara was very helpful in making sure my budget is in Indian Rupees along with US $ conversion. This made things extremely easy for me.

Kim P.
Makes planning so much easier

Everything is set up and ready to go in this planner. All you have to do is put your info and the sheets prefilled formulas do the rest of the work. This is great for anyone, even with zero experience :)

Katie F.
Highly recommend!

Makes you think of all the things you need for your wedding! Great for planners like me who want to be across every detail of the budget. Highly recommend.

Emma C.
Takes the stress out ;)

Thank you for putting this together and for making it available in Australian dollars!! I’ve always been a pen and paper kind of gal but this planner has already made my life easier and all I did was put the guest list in!! Looking forward to using it throughout our wedding planning adventures so I don’t lose an important piece of paper 🫣

Hi there, I'm Jessica Foster!

Hello, I'm Jessica Foster, an experienced wedding planner with an innate passion for design.

Thanks to my personal experience and management of weddings of all sizes, I've created the #1 Personal Wedding Planner, a super easy-to-use spreadsheet to make planning your wedding a pleasurable and stress-free journey.

Having personally organized my own wedding with less than $15,000, I've learned how to make every penny count without sacrificing elegance.

In this planner I made sure you will find everything super easy to use, even if you're not a tech-savvy kind of girl. From downloading it, to inserting your wedding info, everything is already laid out for you.

I look forward to hearing what you think about it. Let me help you on your beautiful wedding journey!

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